Because Women Matter


Concerned Women for
Family Development


To empower women of Bangladesh to achieve better status within the family and society.


CWFD is a non-political, non-profit voluntary organization run by women of Bangladesh to support, promote and protect the interest …..

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Because Women Matter

Emergence of CWFD

CWFD emerged from an emotional response to help women in need of reproductive health care counseling. The organization, originally named as “Concerned Women for Family Planning ((CWFP), started its voluntary activities in 1974 to help the refuge coming to Dhaka city after the devastating famine of 1974. The organization was registered in 1975 with Directorate of Social welfare and …

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The organization is guided by the following values:

Concerned Women for Family Development

  • W

    ell-being of the women is the fundamental value in all decision-making and in action.

  • H

    umane approach

  • E

    nsure quality of service

  • T

    eam spirit/team work

  • E

    nsure transparencies and independence in activities

  • F

    lexibility and adaptability

  • P

    rofessional responsibilities are guided by honesty, integrity and commitment.

Health Care Services!


CWFD started its activities as a Non – Government Organization by providing family planning services …



Concerned Women for Family Development